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Winter hiking with the family in Brandnertal

An end to hibernation

Discover the magical winter hiking trails in Brandnertal with your family!

Brandnertal nature trail

Winter magic with an impressive mountain panorama

Young and old alike can have lots of fun along the Natursprünge trail in winter. How is the weather created? Why are certain boundaries between humans, animals and nature important? What alpine dangers lurk in the mountains of the Brandner Valley? Answers to these and many other questions await you on the Natursprünge trail! A worthwhile conclusion is a refreshment stop at the Frööd mountain restaurant.

Animal adventure trail in winter

A winter adventure for the whole family

The animal adventure trail in Brand is not only an animal highlight for children in summer, but can also be visited in winter! Although the animals are no longer in the outdoor enclosures during the winter months, you can still observe them in their cosy stables. Experience the fascinating winter magic of this wonderful trail together with your family (approx. 1 hour walk).

Discover the mountains

Winter hiking in the midst of an impressive mountain landscape

Simply set off and feel nature. Immerse yourself in the majestic beauty of the snow-covered mountain peaks and experience the diversity of winter nature up close. Our marvellous mountain panorama provides the ideal backdrop for unforgettable hiking moments. From gentle strolls through snow-covered valleys to more challenging routes along the mountain flanks - the varied hiking options are suitable for every pace and preference.

Guided village walk

Discover the cultural heritage of the Brandnertal valley

On a village walk through Brand, you will immerse yourself in the history of the Walser people, learn exciting details about the development of the village and experience the successful combination of tradition and modernity amidst a unique natural backdrop. The unique "Walser Ensemble" by the church is particularly worth seeing.

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