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Lots of nature, plenty of exciting adventures with new friends, real animals to touch and of course plenty of space to run around. The professional childcare at the Lagant family hotel will delight children and teenagers aged 0-17.

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We live in a world in which nature is increasingly becoming an alien environment. We want to consciously counteract this. Out of everyday life - into nature. Children can live out their natural urge to move and feel themselves.

Fantasy Workshop - Your benefits

The heart of the family hotel Lagant is the professional children's, youth and family program "Fantasy Workshop" with the dedicated fam guides.

  • Professional and loving childcare in the Fantasy Workshop with a focus on "discovering nature through play" (56 hours per week).

  • Varied program for minis, maxis, youngsters and teenagers with unforgettable experiences.

  • Organized parent-child experiences to remember

  • 6 different fantasy workshop areas and rooms to encourage creativity, enjoyment and sporting activities.

  • Fresh fruit and natural juices for the children during childcare.

  • Supervised lunches and evening meals with an adventure character.

  • Encouraging the children's urge to move: play and sport in our own 600m² adventure hall and in nature.

  • Numerous open spaces where children can run around freely.

  • Comprehensive baby smile package for parents with minis.

Experience and discover nature

What does the forest smell like? What can be made from forest fruits? Time for real nature exploration is becoming increasingly scarce in our busy everyday lives. The decelerating and grounding effect of experiencing nature is thus lost. This is where the fantasy workshop consciously counteracts this and enables your children to have unforgettable sensory experiences and sensory experiences in nature.

Real animals

Observe animals. Feed them. Stroking. Caring for them. For many children, this is an unforgettable experience that is often neglected in everyday life. By interacting with animals, children experience the close connection between humans and nature.

Finding playmates

On vacation, children not only want to discover new places, they also want to make new friends. The importance of playmates is crucial for their social development. Looking beyond their own horizons and immersing themselves in a different environment provides a great opportunity to further develop children's empathy and sociability. Shared adventures with peers foster a sense of community among the children and create lasting memories.

Run around freely.

Children want to explore the world in their own active and playful way. The Fantasy Workshop creates plenty of space and opportunities to support children's natural urge to move. The cool 600 m² fam active area with a knight's castle and the impressive natural surroundings of the Brandner Valley provide the perfect setting for this.

Adventure. Nature. Family

There is often a lack of time in hectic everyday life. This makes it all the more important to take time for each other on vacation and enjoy real family experiences.

Time for you. Time for me. Time for us.

Family adventures together, relaxed afternoons spent reading or wild romps. On a family vacation, there's room for everyone. And off you go!

Knight's castle and 600 m² of space to let off steam
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