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Baby vacation at the family hotel Lagant

fam Plus Baby

Having a child means great excitement in the lives of young parents. After the first weeks and months, relax from the stress of parenthood and consciously enjoy time with your family thanks to the comprehensive support.

The fam baby smile package will put a smile on your face too!

  • Packing has never been so easy thanks to the baby checklist! Numerous rental items are available to help you travel with little luggage.

  • Healthy nutrition with daily freshly prepared baby food in organic quality and natural toddler food.

  • fam sleep-in service for mom and dad for a relaxed morning for two

  • Parent-baby experiences for a strong bond between you and your child

  • Loving baby care during the fam pacifier weeks

  • Baby massage course or midwife lesson during the pacifier weeks

  • fam benefits for breastfeeding or pregnant mothers such as breastfeeding pillows, breastfeeding teas, flexibility in menu composition.

  • Loan of back carriers and all-terrain baby carriages.

  • Room for all occasions with washing machine, dryer, iron, microwave, vaporizer.

Comprehensive support in all matters

At the fam Familienhotel Lagant, you will receive the best possible support from our trained staff. The medical care is excellent and of the highest standard. Anything you have forgotten at home can either be borrowed from the hotel or bought in well-stocked local stores. If you have any questions, the entire team at the Lagant family hotel will be happy to help.

Freshly prepared baby food every day

Our kitchen team transforms the best local ingredients into delicious baby food. Healthy, natural, unseasoned and yet full of flavor thanks to the valuable ingredients.

Out and about with a baby carriage in the Brandnertal

In both summer and winter, there are numerous hiking trails in Brand that can be used with a baby carriage. Both in the village and on the mountain! So you are always right in the middle of the action with your baby or toddler or you can also choose quiet paths directly in the countryside. Your all-terrain fam mountain buggy is always with you. Prefer to carry your baby close to your body? No problem either. Simply borrow a baby carrier from reception (subject to availability).

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