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BabySignal Workshop

Speak with your hands

In the babySignal courses during your hotel vacation, you and your child will learn simple baby signs: Gestures and signs for everyday situations to symbolize objects and creatures, feelings and activities with your hands. Because your child can express more than hunger, thirst or tiredness. It lets you actively participate in its own observations and experiences when you spend everyday life together. Look forward to a week of play, fun and singing for the little ones.

  • The advantages of babySignal

  • It simplifies communication before the child can speak.

  • It promotes the empathy of parents.

  • Babies can communicate in a more differentiated way: Less crying, better communication possibilities.

  • Children enjoy communicating more and learn to speak more easily as a result.

babySignal at the hotel fits in with your vacation: The individual babySignal course days are designed so that you can join in with your child at any time. Siblings are very welcome!

What is babySignal about? Who is behind it? How are the courses structured? You can find more information at babysignal.de

babySignal Baby Workshop


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01.06. - 08.06.24
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13.09. - 20.09.25

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