Interactive reading with Nina Weger

and lots of book fun

Holiday time is reading time. But it is especially exciting when the author reads the stories aloud and the characters become even more alive...

In winter 22/23, the well-known author Nina Weger is our guest and tells us the stories of the little robber Rapido and the circus princess. 

A special robber party has been developed for this, which we will wrap up in a themed afternoon.  Be curious! 

By the way, did you know that Nina Weger was a tightrope walker before she studied journalism? Today she runs the "Giovannni Children's Circus" in Hanover. But she still has enough time to invent exciting stories between reality and fantasy, in which children and animals play the main roles.

07.03.23 Free reading with Nina Weger
09.03.23 Free reading with Nina Weger

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