BabySignal Workshop

Baby talking with hands

Long before toddlers speak their first words, they can already make themselves understood using baby signs. In the baby signing course parents and children (6 to 24 months) learn to integrate simplified signs from German sign language into their everyday lives in a fun way - and to use them for relaxed communication with baby.

  • The advantages of baby signing:
  • It simplifies communication before the child can speak
  • It promotes parental empathy
  • Babies can make themselves understood
  • Less crying, more understanding
  • Children have fun communicating and generally find it easier to learn to speak


12.03. - 19.03.22 7=6 from EUR 666,- per adult
11.06. - 18.06.22 7=6 from EUR 528,- per adult
10.09. - 17.09.22 7=6 from EUR 540,- per adult
14.01. - 21.01.23 7=6 from EUR 648,- per adult
11.03. - 18.03.23 7=6 from EUR 648,- per adult

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