Sonnenterrasse mit Panormablick des Familienhotel Lagant, Brandnertal.

Panorama terrace and bar
in the Familyhotel Lagant

Have a really good time!


Enjoy unspoiled natur with all your senses

The wonderful view from the panorama terrace of the Familyhotel Lagant is incomparable. The air is pure and clean. Take a deep breath. Your gaze wanders over meadows, woods, stunning mountain peaks and the lovely mountain village of Brand. You find your inner peace and the soothing relaxation.


A relaxing place for the whole family

The Hotel Lagant sun deck is a meeting place for families and those seeking relaxation. In summer or winter, find yourself a comfortable place on the sun deck, lay back and enjoy the wonderful panorama of the stunning peaks of the Rätikon mountains.

Feel the sun on your skin and let it warm and relax you as you spend time with your family enjoying delicious drinks, fun games or a good book. In winter you can snuggle into a warm blanket and watch the hustle and bustle of the enchanting winter landscape of Brand


The Hotelbar - chat in a relaxed atmosphere

A hotel bar is place to meet people - and the bar of the 4-star Hotel Lagant in Brandnertal is no exception. Chat to people with similar interests, enjoy the beautiful view of Brand or experience unforgettable moments playing games with your children. Pleasant lounge music in the background creates a 'feel-good' atmosphere.


Best service and best range

You can wile away the rest of your day at the Lagant bar. Experience the comfy surroundings and great hospitality together with your family, with a group of friends or just the two of you. You can enjoy a glass of our regional or international spirits, high quality wine, delicious cocktails or a freshly pulled cold beer. The service team of the Familyhotel Lagant will gladly help you choose!


Childes's cocktail menu

There is a special cocktail menu for the kids, with delicious cocktails. Always freshly prepared using the best ingredients.